Sunday Circulars

16 05 2010

Sunday morning. You wake up to a hot ‘cup of Joe’ and the Sunday times.  Quiet time at its best.  Flipping through the paper you reach the glossy advertisements.  What’s that?  The electronic super store is having a super-awesome deal on blueray players.  And the home improvement store is advertising the newest barbeque grill at a ground breaking price.  Just when you thought the prices couldn’t drop any lower . . . . you notice a 7-piece dining room set with your name written all over it.

By this time you probably have read all circulars cover to cover.  Your coffee is cold and “buyer’s adrenaline” has kicked in. Could it be that these circulars were sent from the heavens above? Could it be that these “steals and deals” are too good to pass up?

In the past, I’ve fallen prey to the rush of “buyer’s adrenaline”. But what happened to me the next day I’d like to call “buyer’s remorse”. I knew I was only purchasing things because they were on sale.  I didn’t need the new vacuum to replace my old one that still worked.  Or that stainless steel coffeemaker to replace our dated white one.  I reclaimed my Sunday morning by choosing to ignore those ads all while remaining content with the things I have.

Sunday used to be a day of rest.  Let’s kick that “buyer’s adrenaline” and keep money in our pockets.  Buying things just because they are on sale is pointless because you can go broke trying to “save money”.

Fix It Tip:  The less you spend, the more money that remains in savings.

Fix It Tip:  If it’s not broke, don’t replace it.

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  Definately some great deals, but maybe we should rethink the initial urge to run out and make that purchase?




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