Use Cash, Get Ahead

19 05 2010

We usually celebrate the Fourth of July together but Rob was deployed overseas last year. We spent our Independence Day independent from one another. When Rob returned to the States, he brought back a flag that was flown overseas during combat. Our intention is to encase the flag, print a certificate and present it to Rob’s mother this Fourth of July.

We scoured the internet for deals (it literally took ten minutes).  Ah ha! The local craft store is selling flag display cases for $19.99 (original price $39).  Armed with a $20 bill, we drove to the store and ran down every aisle searching for that steal-of-a-deal flag case.  Low and behold!  They were discounted again to 9.99!  My brain was saying “cha-ching“. 

We walked to the never-ending line.  There were roughly 20 people ahead of us and another 40 behind us.  The line simply was not moving.  Then, a voice from the heavens poured down some good news, “If you are paying with cash go to register number one.” We moved off the line and walked to that register.  We were the only ones paying with cash.  Cash-money!  When the cashier scanned the item it rang-up at $19.99. We immediately pointed out the error and the cashier adjusted the price.  It is important to pay close attention to the register because more often than not prices do not scan correctly.  Nobody should be overcharged.  In this case it would be a 50% increase!

Before leaving the store, we took notice that customers weren’t paying with cash.  They were still waiting on that ever-so-dreaded line.  Could it be that everyone was charging their items?  I was hoping they were using their debit cards versus credit cards.  But still, I couldn’t help but think the customers were drowning themselves in debt.

We were thankful for getting ahead of the line.  Driving to the store we knew we had enough money to buy the item we needed.  We could have spent that $10 savings but didn’t (it will go back into our envelopes).  Discipline always pays off.  You will get ahead when you stick to a plan; your spending plan. 

In the end, we have a personalized gift that only set us back $10.  That, our friends, is priceless.




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