Viva Your Cooking!

20 05 2010

Is everyone else hearing Elvis’ voice in their head now? 

A few months ago I ventured into Williams-Sonoma (high-end kitchenware store) after hearing about their fabulous recipes from co-workers; which by the way are printed on recipe cards and placed throughout the store free(!) for your picking!  Nestled in the rear of the store is their mini kitchen*, completely equipped with their very own chefs!  Me oh my was I surprised.

I grabbed some recipe cards at the kitchen counter and the ever-so-amazing-chef handed me a complimentary technique class schedule.  I couldn’t believe they offered free(!) technique classes (the cheapest classes I spied were $75).  After a quick browse of the schedule, I signed up for their upcoming weekend class.

Thus far, I have attended roughly 10 classes – Thanksgiving cooking series, sauteing, braising, desserts, knife skills, dutch ovens, etc.  The techniques are ideal for the amateur through expert level and in no means are you required to purchase any items showcased in a class.

Attending these free(!) classes with your friends or spouse will be a great way to spend an afternoon without having to spend a dime!

Red White Blue Tip:  For those going through a deployment, this class will help you 1) improve your cooking skills so you can surprise your military member with a great home-cooked “welcome home” meal and 2) pass the time and keep you busy so you’re not feeling so alone while your military member is deployed.  For Rob’s welcome home meal, I made ancho chili ribs braised in coffee – YUM!

*Note:  Not all stores have this kitchen.  Please check locations prior to visiting.




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