Budget Blooms

24 05 2010

As summer quickly approaches and spring coming to a close, homeowners are rushing to tackle their winter-barren gardens (or flower boxes for the renters).

Naturally we run to the garden center/home improvement store and purchase a few sheets of plants, then spend the next hour in combat!  When all is said and done, you step back to admire your work and efforts.  Pride fills your heart as you stare at your garden in all its glory.  What once resembled a desert of death is now fruitful and filled with flowers.  Instant gratification! 

But what if you approached this facelift differently in order to achieve the same results?  This approach will save you money, but not necessarily time.  Let’s assume you want to save money and can do without the “instant gratification“.  Here goes . . . .

Let’s assume for calculation purposes ten sheets of plants cost $5 each ($50 total) and ten seed packages cost $0.59 each (5.90 total).  That is a difference of $44.10!  The results will take longer but there is a $44 savings to be had  –  it may not be much, but that savings could pay for any pots or soil you may need.  Or, just deposit that $44 and grow your savings!!!

If you are not tempted to take the slow route, think about purchasing plants at a store that guarantees the plant’s life (some stores offer a one-year guarantee towards the plant’s life).  You might also want to consider joining Home Depot’s Garden Club for special offers, expert advice and discounts (plus it’s free(!) to join).

Red White Blue Tip  –  Don’t forget to use your military discount if you are deciding to purchase plants or seeds at the Home Depot.

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  Which route would you take – Instant Gratification or Slow and Steady?




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