Friday’s Date Night

26 05 2010

We crowned a new tradition in 2010  –  Friday Date Night  –  shortly after Rob’s homecoming.  Allotting this new expense helped strengthen our homecoming reunion. 

It was only recently that we realized we could save cash by tweaking Friday’s Date Night.  Here goes:

  • Use coupons!  We signed up with Restaurant.Com.  You can purchase a $25 dining certificate for as little as $2 when you use a coupon code.  Some restaurants want you to spend $35.  The calculation is:  $35 bill minus the $25 dining certificate = $10 out-of-pocket for dinner plus the $2 you spent for the dining certificate = $12 total out-of-pocket (not including tip).  This is an amazing dinner deal for 2 adults (an average NYC meal can cost $50).
  • Saturday Lunch Dates.  Browsing restaurant menus one Saturday afternoon lead to an amazing idea!  Change Friday’s Date Night into Saturday’s Lunch Date.  The prices truly are unbeatable.  And by unbeatable we mean 1/2 price!  The extra money that would have been spent on food goes back into savings to grow.
  • Frozen Pizza.  Sometimes Friday’s Date Night doesn’t happen (weather, etc.) and we are inclined to order pizza.  A large pie plus tip averages $20.  The average price of a frozen pizza at the supermarket is $5!  The cost of having frozen pizzas on Friday’s for an entire month equals the price of one pie from a pizzeria!

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  Do you eat out on Friday’s?  Are there other ways you can save money on your “Date Nights”?




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