Giving: Animal Shelters

14 06 2010

Hi Friends!  We want to talk about local/state animal shelters for a moment.  There are many loving shelter animals looking for permanent homes.  It’s important to know these animals aren’t “bad”, they were just in bad situations.  Plus, all shelters ensure their animals are safe and good fits for their adoptive family.  Most times these animals are spayed/neutered by the shelter.  Not only are adoption fees relatively low, but you are saving that animal from a life of living in a shelter.  Ultimately, you would be giving them a second chance in life.  So if you are looking for your next fido, visit your local/state animal shelter.  Keep in mind, they need our help too, just as they are helping our furry friends in the world.

If you want to donate items or time, we suggest speaking with that shelter directly.  Most wish list items are food, blankets/sheets, towels, printers, digital cameras, treats, toys, etc.

We’ve amassed a small pile of treats/food for our local shelter which we will be dropping off next week.  As always, coupons went a long way here by making every item free(!) – the dry dog food were samples from our neighborhood pet store.

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  What items would you donate to an animal shelter?  Would you use coupons?




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