Why you Should Sweat the Small Stuff

23 06 2010

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff“.  Or at least that’s what many people think.  Heck, Rolist Financial Group feels the same way too . . . . . sometimes.  For example, you are grocery shopping and forget a coupon or two at home.  Don’t sweat it!  The savings aren’t that noticeable.  However, if you forget coupons often, you are wasting money!

Without further ado, here are examples of when you should sweat the small stuff:

  • Constant Shopping.  Spending often and going against your budget is a big deal.  You may talk yourself out of feeling bad by saying “It’s only $5 !”  But if this occasional “$5” happens twice a week (and every week), you are spending an additional $40 per month.  This “small stuff” is added to your set budgeted expenses.  It just will not work. 
  • You Will go Broke Trying to Save Money.  What you may not know about Rolist Financial Group is we frequently shop at dollar stores.  Most times these items are great for short-term needs because quality is lacking, making most items flimsy and disposable.  For example, we purchased a number of kitchenware items at the dollar store and each item broke within a month.  In an attempt to save money, it has cost us more with having to replace each item.  Same thing goes for furniture.  We purchased a “cheap” coffee table at a discount store and one year later the legs chipped.  Sometimes it pays to spend a few dollars more on a quality product that will last.
  • Not Using Up What You Have.  Prior to making a purchase, you should evaluate your situation and the items you have in stock.  We all should use up the things we have on hand before purchasing anything else.  The savings will surprise you!



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