See It to Achieve It

29 06 2010

For many of us it’s easy to get ‘off track’ when it comes to saving money.  But most importantly, when we derail we can lose sight of our dreams and goals. 

If this happens, we suggest refreshing your defeated thoughts with your goals.  Not only does this build your spirits, your goals become seemingly closer!  One way to refresh your thoughts and build up your spirits is seeing your future.  You’re probably shaking your heads thinking “Rolist, how can we possibly see our future?

It’s actually pretty simple.  Let’s say your current dream is to be a homeowner but you derailed from your budget last month.  You now feel defeated, unmotivated and your future looks foggy.  Heck, this has happened to us!  It happens to everyone!  The easiest way to shoot you back onto the savings bandwagon would be to walk around the neighborhood where you would want to purchase a home.  Seeing the homes puts things in perspective.  Not only are you seeing the homes, you are also experiencing them and neighborhood.

Take us for example, we walked into a shoe store with intentions of purchasing items because they were on sale.  But then thought, how many flip-flops and sneakers do we need?  To gain some composure, we walked into Home Depot and browsed their kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, fixtures.  During our Home Depot experience, we realized just how close we are to achieving our dreams of becoming homeowners.  It truly stopped us from derailing by purchasing things we really don’t need.

In summary, seeing your goals in “real life” form will only reaffirm what you want.  And that’s how you achieve your objective.




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