Fixed It Friday: 07-23-10

23 07 2010

Let’s put our hands together for Amelia because she recently took the first step towards Fixing It!  Below is Amelia’s email submission:

“I fixed it by stopping to buy iced coffee outside because I can get it inside for free.  It was a two-step process:  first I was getting coffee at Starbucks, then I went to get it at McDonald’s, then I realized that I can make it the way I want at work or at home, and it costs much less. “

It doesn’t end there!  With our advice on hand, Amelia began jotting her daily spending on a calendar page.  Amelia is working towards Fixing her spending by tracking more days on her calendar.

Amelia’s first step was realization – she knew she wanted to save more.  Her second step was awareness – writing her daily expenses reveals where she is overspending. 

Way to go Amelia!  You are on the road towards Fixing your financial future!  Keep up the good work!!!

We want to hear from you.  Email us your “Fixed It Fridays” story.  Visit our Contact Page for submissions.




2 responses

23 07 2010

Thanks for the applause 🙂 I owe it to you to because I’ve wanted to fix my finances for a long time but I never knew where to begin and how to start. This is an easy first step and I’m amazed that we fixed something already. The dream is becoming reality!

23 07 2010
Rolist Financial Group

Amelia, Rolist Financial Group will be there with you every step along the way! Keep up the Fixed It work!!!

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