The Library Saves You Money

28 07 2010

Toss those gradeschool stereotypes that the library is for nerds and geeks.  We declare that visiting the library does not mean you are a geek!  The library is abundant with learning materials and we love using it.  Not only does the library lend the common book, you can also check-out DVDs, VHS tapes and audio books and many libraries have computers, printers and photocopiers.  There is also a good-sized amount of exam books that range from general study guides to civil service/government exam guides.  In fact, we were able to process our Passports at one branch!

Let’s move on to the savings though…..

Last week I checked out seven books which retailed $143.56 (not including tax!).  The savings are absolutely remarkable!  I was giddy knowing I did not have to pay a dime!

Fix It Tip:  In need of cash?  Sell your books online using websites like cash4books, Powells and Blue Rectangle.  Just plug in the book’s ISBN number (usually printed near the book’s barcode) and the website calculates how much they’re willing to pay you for your books.  Some companies will even provide free shipping labels when you sell your books to them!

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  What services are available in your neighborhood library?




One response

29 07 2010

Retail book shopping is absurd. Why buy ANYTHING in a bookstore. Amazing

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