Home-Grown Savings

2 08 2010

What better way to save some dough than to grow your own produce and herbs!  The savings might not be astronomical, but there are some savings to be had.  Just this month we were awarded three grape tomatoes from our tomato plant with definitely more to come! 

In addition to planting vegetables and fruits, herbs are also a popular choice.  I find herbs are the easiest to grow because they do not require the same amount of attention (watering and garden space) that vegetable and fruit plants do.  Herb seedlings are fairly inexpensive at garden centers and floral shops.  Also inexpensive are seed packets (they average $0.59-$2.00).  Grocery stores sell small amounts of herb sprigs for $1.25-$3.00.  If you notice you are using the same fresh herbs often, we suggest buying one seedling for the price of one small package of herb sprigs at the grocery store (or go the seed pack route).

For the renters out there, we sympathize with your lack of garden space.  But don’t fret, many people have succeeded in “urban” gardening.  Container planting works!  In fact, we grow basil, oregano and parsley in a flower-pot which is conveniently located on our kitchen window-sill.  If you are looking to preserve your harvest, basil leaves freeze well for up to six months in a ziploc bag.  This definitely will help safeguard your abundance.  A variety of other herbs can be dried out and/or frozen as well.

Red White Blue Tip  –  Don’t forget to use your military discount if you are deciding to purchase plants or seeds at the Home Depot.

Fix It Tip:  You don’t have to purchase fancy products and gardening books.  The library has plenty of books geared towards gardening.

Fix It Tip:  Home Depot’s Garden Club offers discounts to club members.  As always, membership is free(!) and you can score great deals on plants and seeds.




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