Fixed It Friday: 08-27-10

27 08 2010

Let’s all give another round of applause for Amelia.  As we recall, last month, Amelia emailed us her money-saving tips for our Friday’s edition of Fixed It Fridays.

Amelia is making extraordinary progress cutting back utility expenses.  She had this to say:

“I am cancelling wireless home networking, at least temporarily.  This is an $8 charge per month I don’t need.  I plugged the laptop directly into the modem.”

And when it came down to eliminating trips to the vending machine at work, she told us this:

“I’m estimating I’m saving $375 a year. About $7.75 every week I work in savings.”

And it doesn’t end, she is finding more creative ways to trim the monthly expenses!  And the best part, she is enjoying this newfound money! 

Way to go Amelia!  You are on the road towards Fixing your financial future!  Keep up the good work!!!

Fix It Tip.  Saving 10% of disposable income a year may not sound like much, but where else would you get that high of a return on your current investments?  Maybe you haven’t received a raise this year, think of your saving ability as a 10% raise!

We want to hear from you.  Email us your ”Fixed It Fridays” story.  Visit our Contact Page for submissions.




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1 09 2010

Thanks! Baby steps…

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