Mulch and All it’s Goodness

30 08 2010

Summer can totally drain everyone’s pockets when it comes to watering the garden.  Here at Rolist Financial Group, we are always looking for ways to trim our expenses and that’s when we turned to mulch.  Yes.  Mulch.

Some people are not aware of the many benefits in which mulch has to offer.  And just to name a few, mulch provides the following in areas of plant health and savings in your pocket:

  • Shades and Cools Soil.  Roots do better under moist, cool conditions.  These conditions are ensured by a good layer of mulch since sunlight warms the soil.  Plants will maintain a healthy life and you won’t spend money having to replace any dead ones.
  • Adds Organic Matter and Nutrients to Soil.  Organic soil treatments and mixes are relatively affordable ($15).  However, large gardening spaces require larger quantities of these products, which hit our pockets harder.  A layer of good soil topped with mulch guarantees these nutrients will be absorbed into the ground.
  • Water Retention.  Talk about instant savings!  Mulch helps the soil retain its water, therefore keeping the soil wet longer.  The less you have to water, the less you’ll pull the hose out.  (See our Fix It Tip below regarding rain barrels)
  • Reduces Weed Growth.  Mulch helps weeds from growing underneath.  Weeds cannot compete with a heavy bed of mulch over the ground.  Prices of weed killers range from $5 (small spray bottle) to $52.  Keep in mind most of these products are filled with chemicals.  Mulch compared to the weed control products is all-natural.

Where to find mulch:

  • Garden Centers.
  • Parks Department.  Check your local Parks Department.  If your park recycles Christmas Trees, chances are you can get mulch from your park for free(!).  New York City hosts “Mulchfest” in January.  The program is designed to get NYers to recycle their trees.  In turn, the Parks Department allows you to take a bag of mulch.  In addition to dropping trees off at a Mulchfest site, NYC Sanitation collects trees and uses the mulch throughout our City’s parks.

Fix It Tip.  Stop paying for that hose water.  Rain Barrels save precious money by collecting rain water to serve as your garden watering system.  Learn more about rain barrels here.




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