Giving: Cellphones for Soldiers

1 09 2010

Howdy folks!  We are happy to share with everyone a great military organization, Cellphones For Soldiers, that recycles donated cellphones and turns them into prepaid calling cards for our troops overseas.  Their website allows you to print out donation receipts and prepaid shipping labels for the phones you are donating and mailing.

As you can see from the photo, our phones are pretty archaic-looking (the aesthetics of the phone are irrelevant to Cellphones For Soldiers).  People have seriously mistaken the blue phone for a TV remove control.  Moving on . . . three years have passed before we upgraded our phones.  And by upgrade I mean the free(!) upgrade.

You see, cellphone aesthetics are not important to us.  What is important are certain phone features as:  battery life, camera, speaker phone, reviews and sound quality. 

In those three years of rockin’ the remove control phone and the smaller flip phone I can say we have easily saved $200 (assuming we were upgrading each year for three years).

In summary, being able to contribute towards the distribution of phone cards so that our troops can call home is priceless. 

Fix It Tip.  If your phone carrier charges upgrade fees, ask if you can have them waived.  A good place to start is speaking with their customer loyalty department.




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