Grocery Shopping Tools of the Trade

5 09 2010

Rolist Financial Group would like to share with everyone our grocery shopping tools of the trade.  Honestly, we don’t ever leave home without them as we grocery shop.

  • Coupon Organizer.  First up is our Couponizer.  This was a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband Rob two years back.  I love that it comes in a clear pouch – this is handy when toting around in the store.  However, this organizer wasn’t cheap ($20).  For those looking for a more affordable organizer, I found one from Gooseberry Patch.  If I didn’t have my current organizer, I would definitely purchase Gooseberry’s.
  • Menu Sheets and Shopping Lists.  Next we have our free(!) meal planner, courtesy of Betty Crocker (I had signed up on-line to receive this).  Printed in the left margin are cooking and organizing tips; which, by the way, are helpful!   In the right margin is a perforated grocery shopping list.  We love this menu plan because it has listed the seven days of the week, in addition to the shopping list.
  • Budget Envelopes.  The idea of using envelopes is to not spend more than what is inside each envelope.  I personally like this system because there are lines to track your spending.  The introduction page lists examples of what expenses are ideal to pay for with cash (food, stamps, gas, etc).  Read up more on why we love our budget envelopes here.
  • Coupons.  Last but not least are the actual coupons so that you can rack up the savings!  I have found and the newspaper inserts to be the best!  Sadly, our commissary stopped taking internet coupons so I’m having to stretch our dollars and cents.

These all are essential organization tools when it comes to planning, spending and saving.  A clear mind and plan of action will help you get to where you want to be – and that should be towards financial freedom!




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