Children’s Savings Accounts and the Save and Invest Economy

28 10 2010

Rolist Financial Group wants to share this publication from the Corporation For Enterprise Development (CFED) with our readers.  It lays out a vision for youth-driven
financial stability and empowerment.

Purchasing a Home on Two Incomes

8 10 2010

Many young couples base their ability to afford housing on dual incomes.  Such a financial practice may not be the wise decision and here’s why:

Purchasing a home based on combined incomes locks the couple into a required full-time, dual-income lifestyle once they have purchased a home.

Family obligations or a job loss may later disrupt their ability or willingness to continue the dual-job lifestyle.  In fact, many couples planning on having a child want either spouse to stay home with that child. 

Instead, couples might be better off basing their housing affordability on one income or one income plus a part-time job.

Are you Worried About your Debts?

5 10 2010

If you are worrying about your debts, you should be.  Your gut feeling is often the best indicator that you are carrying too much debt.  Pay down your debt each month in conjunction with not charging any more.

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