The $190 Ice Cube Maker

20 12 2010

Here at the office we are constantly refilling the ice-cube trays (what can I say, we really love iced coffee!). 

Considering I am willing and able to fill the trays, I began to ponder prices of refrigerators with built-in ice machines. 

So I question myself: 

Is the $190 difference worth it? (Source: Home Depot Top Freezer Refrigerators)

Sometimes we take for granted our own abilities and the very little time it takes to complete a certain task.  When we underestimate our capabilities we can end up spending money on items that we can do without (or keep do until it is time to replace the specific item).

We want to hear from you. . .drop us a comment.  Have you made a large purchase in an attempt to keep things around the house running more efficiently?  Have you regretted that purchase?




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