Organize Your Files!

9 03 2011

Is it 2011 already?  Does that mean it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions?  And if that list entails getting your finances in order, then I have an easy system for you!

I am a huge believer that organization simplifies life’s duties and tasks.  Two years ago I implemented a “filing approach” that was simple.  In fact, it is so simple that I enjoy filing!  In my picture below, you’ll notice I use the three “M”s in my filing strategy.  Those M’s are Money In, Money Out and Miscellaneous. 

The simplicity of using three bins makes filing items easy.  Sort your papers according to Money In which would include paystubs, retirement account statements, etc.  The Money Out would hold all bills.  The Miscellaneous category might include warranty papers, job resumes, etc.

You’ll also note I color coded the folders in each bin.  The Money In folders are green, Money Out Red and Miscellaneous Purple.  I was fortunate enough to find these folders at Staples for free(!).  Simplifying filing makes it easier to file for one and to locate items.

One important reminder:  it is a wise decision to invest in a fireproof/waterproof safe.  There are certain documents like birth and wedding certificates, passports and social security cards, etc. that you want to protect from water and fire. 




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