Facebook Week in Review: 03/21/11

21 03 2011

March 30

Research before you buy – Seek out stores with the best price and return policy that fit your needs. Ask sales associates when they expect the item to be on sale. Search for rebates and coupons. After your purchase, ask the store for a price adjustment if the item you bought for $25 went on sale for $10.

March 29

Do what it takes to win with money! Change your behavior, remain focused, stick to the budget, envision your financial future, try to live with less, make savings automatic, pay yourself first, ignore negative comments, work hard. Do what it takes and financial victory will be yours! You can do it, financial success will be achieved!

You already cut expenses but still want to explore more ways to save $. Look into your state and insurance co.’s defensive driving course. The test is administered in person or online (see your state’s requirements). After successful completion, you can shed 10% off your insurance premium for 3 years. 10% may not sound like much but every little bit helps!

March 28

Another monumental day here at Military Saves! Our Facebook page has over 2,800 likes! Keep up the great input and continue to save Military Savers!

It’s Spring. Save money in the garden with: (1) seed packs – costing under $1 this slow growing route will save you money; (2) low drought plants require less water intake; (3) shop stores that guarantee the plant’s life. Save receipts for an exchange or refund; (4) rain barrels- they save precious money by collecting rain water to serve as your garden watering system.

March 25

TGIF Savers! Food shopping this weekend? We all know (too well) the pain of throwing out spoiled food because we didn’t cook or use it up in time. It equates to money flushed down the drain. How do you keep food from spoiling? Do you freeze certain things? (and are deep freezers worth the investment?) Do you buy frozen vegetables vs. fresh? Any other food saving strategies?

“It’s more paperwork to keep track of.” Sometimes the idea of investing can overwhelm even the strongest. Refuse to give in. Think of what’s lost by giving in to fears of filing paper, time spent opening an account or gathering bank needed info. You lose accumulation of wealth. Deploying-think SDP. Just enlisted-think TSP. New job-think 401k/employer match. Stay strong, build wealth.

March 24

The 411 on Checks – A Blank Endorsement contains only the payee’s signature, meaning anyone can attempt to cash it. Avoid making blank endorsements prior to depositing. Restrictive Endorsements contain “for deposit only”, this authorizes deposits. Including account numbers increases restriction. Special Endorsements say “pay to the order of”, along with your signature. This allows you to transfer check ownership.

The FINRA Foundation is making FICO scores available for free to active duty servicemembers and their spouses. Also provided is the FICO® Score Simulator that analyzes the effect of specific behaviors, such as the impact of paying off a credit card, opening a new account, reaching credit card limits, obtaining a car loan or missing a payment.

March 23

Is 2011 your year to pay down debt? Unsure of where to find the extra money? Start by jotting on paper your daily expenses for a week. See if there are areas you can cut down (reducing coffee runs and take-out dinner, etc.). For those whom are debt free, what words of encouragement do you have for our fellow Military Savers?

March 21

In need of a new cellphone? How do you save money when that time comes knocking on your door? Do you hold out until the free upgrade? Spend the money but cut back on your monthly expenses in an effort to balance the budget? Buy used from a friend that was upgrading?




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