Research Prices Before You Buy

23 03 2011

Look and buy – that seems to be the theme of today as more Americans are falling into the pitfalls of debt.  I see it all too often – people purchasing items without researching prices.  Often times I find myself thinking “why would you pay full price?” 

One rule to smart shopping is knowing what the going-price is for any specific item.  You can research prices online or by calling a store.  Ask friends or family how much they paid for an item.  Heck, your friends or family might be willing to sell you their outdated item because they want to upgrade.

Let’s look at the research process.  For example, if your goal is to create a vegetable garden this year, comparison shop between stores before you spend money on your materials.  Check out the home improvement stores because often times they have garden clubs that offer discounts on plants and seeds.  Our neighborhood library is hosting a seed swap in honor of Earth Day – a great way to start your plant additions.  Walk around your neighborhood and take notes on the gardens that peak your interest (notice the layout, types of vegetables, size).  Taking it a step further, ask those with vegetables gardens what the price of maintaining such a garden for the season.

Know your prices before you start any project or before making any major purchases. 

  • Research prices online and in-store
  • Search for rebates online
  • Ask the store if they’ll price match competitors prices
  • Ask store associates when the items are expected to be on sale
  • Seek out stores with the best prices
  • Seek out stores with return policies that fit your needs
  • Ask family and friends for prices on their items purchased

Becoming a smart shopper takes work.  You work hard for your money and your money should work for you.  Refuse to let impulse shopping into your life.  Research prices before you buy to ensure you are getting the fairest price. 




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