Giving: Operation Top Knot

26 04 2011

Military families know military families.  Why?  Many have experienced deployments and the stresses accompanied with them.

I am happy to report there is an organization that helps to reduce these stresses to those families experiencing a deployment and are expecting a child.  Operation Top Knot is a network that collects baby items.  Their mission is to commend the women and children at home for their strength, and honor and support their spouses for their courage during a deployment.

Below are a few items I had on hand that I intend to donate to Operation Top Knot.  Using the United States postal service flat rate boxes, I intend to fill the box to the brim with more baby items that I can get my hands on.  Won’t you support this charity?

  • 5 diapers, including a potty training diaper with progress chart (free samples)
  • 1 Lysol healthy families book (free)
  • 1 CD achieving balance in life (free)
  • 1 booklet giving it your best (free)
  • 1 Johnson & Johnson bath buddy soap bar (free with coupon)
  • 1 Juicy Juice sippy cup (free sample)
  • 1 newborn photo frame ($1)
  • 3 travel shampoo and washes (free samples)
  • 1 ADT child safety kit, includes fingerprinting mechanism (free sample)




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