Facebook Week in Review: 04/25/11

28 04 2011

April 29

Financial problems don’t discriminate. They affect all ages, races, religions and social classes.

Save money by checking vehicle recalls with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) prior to paying a service shop for repairs. Your vehicle manufacturer may remedy the problem free of charge if the problem is the result of a defect and/or recall.

April 28

The most frequently heard advice from financial advisors is to reduce debt so you can save more.

April 27

“It’s the thought that counts”. When it comes to gifts, do you give what you can? Maybe you rearrange your budget to fit a gift in for the month or budget throughout the year for such an expense. Perhaps you just don’t have the flexibility for adjustment because you’re tackling debt. How do you handle gift giving? And shouldn’t gifts be focused on the “thought”?

April 26

Organize and simplify your financial life – a how to guide from the FDIC containing tips to save time, reduce stress and cut costs.

In 2010, TSP participants paid $0.25 to keep $1,000 in their TSP account (67% less than other investment firms in the market today). Lower fees are always better when it comes to saving and investing for retirement – no matter how impressive the advertisements are from large investment firms, lower fees allow your money to accumulate and grow.

April 25

Personal finance is controlled by one’s behavior. We are writing down monthly expenses and tracking the progress. We are making deposits at the bank and setting up retirement contributions. We are choosing not to spend money when money is tight. The more control you have over your money, the more you’ll see your money grow!

Organize your expenses. Separate essential things like food and rent from non-essentials like entertainment and vacations. You’re able to see exactly where your money is going when your expenses are broken down in such a way on your budget sheet.




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