Facebook Week in Review: 05/02/11

11 05 2011

May 6

Let’s all give a shout-out to our Military Spouses. Today is their day! Thank you for your continued dedication, courage and support to your servicemembers and the military community! You are the support system that our servicemembers need.

Every degree you lower your thermostat in cold weather, or raise it during hot weather, can lower your energy bill by 3% and conserve valuable natural resources as well as money!—USPS

May 5

Budget beyond day-to-day expenses. Many bills, such as car insurance, may not require payment each month. For these expenses, divide the total expense by 12 (for 12 months). Set aside that money each month for the yearly payment. When the bill is due, money is available to pay the expense in full. This type of planning eliminates scrambling up money during year-end when you could have been saving year-round.

Retroactive Stop Loss extended again for those Servicemembers wishing to submit a claim — those eligible must submit a Claim by October 21, 2011. This RSLSP provides $500 for each month/partial month served in stop loss status. The average benefit is $3,700.

How is everyone saving money this Mother’s Day?

May 4

Too often people put off what they should be doing – saving for retirement. Kudos to our Military Saves fans for their endurance and commitment towards building wealth.

“How many hours do I have to work to purchase this item?” Has anyone given this thought? Answering that question may bring realization that the item just isn’t worth the hours needed to pay for it?

May 3

Protect your Money at the Bank. Add an alert to your account with your bank. The alert can say “verify photo id when withdrawing funds”. This alert prompts bank tellers to verify your information on the id and what they have on file.

Before paying for a service, get in writing the price and payment plan available. You don’t want to get stuck paying for a service you cannot afford (i.e., car repairs totaling $1,000 and you must pay $500, rather than the $200 you can afford to pay now).

May 2

And speaking of amazing accomplishments . . . We are 18,564 strong in 2011. 5,971 Army Savers — 6,838 Air Force Savers — 3,164 Navy Savers — 1,973 Marine Corps Savers — 353 National Guard Savers — 265 Coast Guard Savers. Have you taken the Pledge?

Happy Monday Savers! A huge shout-out to our servicemembers and their families. You all are performing amazing feats!




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