You are Closer than You Think

12 05 2011

One year ago I read about a man overcoming the obstacle of finishing a mountain hike.  This story caught my attention and overall changed my way of thinking.  It motivated me!  I am changed! 

It was nearing one hour since this man ventured onto the huge mountain.  The mountain proved to be more strenuous than he imagined.  Huffing and puffing surely he didn’t know what he was in for.  The top must be at least two hours away and the man knew he couldn’t hike up for another two hours.  Just as the man was about to give up, another hiker heading down the mountain approached him and said, “You are closer than you think“.  At that moment the man was filled with supernatural powers and propelled up with mountain.  And, wouldn’t you believe he was only 30 minutes away from reaching the top?

You might be wondering how mountain climbing relates to personal finance . . . . let me explain.

So often we tend to give up when the going gets tough.  It seems like the bills are never going away.  Or our savings just isn’t growing.  It is this exact reason I believe personal financial is based on our personal behavior.  When you change your way of thinking (for the better), motivation occurs.  Telling yourself you are closer than you think propels positive behavior with the result being getting the job done – a/k/a saving more, spending less, building wealth, reducing debt.

When you are saving for that summer vacation but the numbers are nowhere near to what you need – tell yourself “I’m closer than I think

When you’re paying off credit card bills but the balances aren’t shrinking as much as you’d like  – tell yourself “I’m closer than I think

When your friends are all homeowners and you’re still trying to save up for that down-payment  – tell yourself “I’m closer than I think

Every single day we make financial decisions.  We spend money.  We save money.  We purchase things on credit.  Become aware of your behavior – both positive and negative.  Understand the difference between negative financial habits and positive and the impact both have on our finances. 

Finally, be sure to tell yourself “I’m closer than I think“.




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