Facebook Week in Review: 05/20/11

23 05 2011

May 16

Finding Balance within your Home – many homeowners choose to live in modest homes, allowing room in their budgets for traveling, etc. Others have slightly more expensive homes leaving less flexibility in their household budget for recreational activities. Achieve balance and stick to the budget.

TSP responds to the Federal Debt Limit and the Effect of the Suspension of Issuance of Treasury Securities to the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund.  https://www.tsp.gov/whatsnew/messages/specialMessage.shtml

May 17

Control spending and things will fall into place. You can start funding that Emergency Fund, save for retirement . . . . the possibilities are endless.

“Wherever you are or whatever your job, don’t be confused or diverted by false priorities. We have only one mission to perform—that is to fight and win. And, we must do it better than anyone else in the world.”– Lt. Gen. Leslie E. Brown. Continue the saving. Continue the wealth building. Step it up.

May 18

Several federal laws protect victims of identity theft. The FTC provides links and info regarding how to document the theft, deal with credit reporting companies/debt collectors/merchants and limiting your losses. If you have fallen victim, follow the steps to rectify the problem. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/consumers/rights.html

How can thee save…..let me count the ways. 66 to be exact.  http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/money/66ways/index.html

May 19

Some people use overdraft protection to withdraw “extra” funds from their bank. Banks allow customers, up to a certain amount, to withdraw extra funds. Fee for this service may cost $15. If you withdraw $200 more than what’s in your checking account, that $15 fee equals a 7.5% interest charge ($15 divided by $200). This is a higher interest rate than some mortgage loans! Save money, eliminate using overdrafts!

Sleep on it – before making any major purchases think about it overnight. Have a clear mind the next morning to complete your decision. You may be surprised by your decision to NOT spend your money.

May 20

Deploying soon? Get your financial house in order with Geico’s Pre-Deployment Checklist.  http://www.geico.com/public/pdf/military/geico_predeployment_checklist.pdf

TGIF savers! So you’ve saved money for a downpayment (woohoo) and now you’re looking to purchase your first home. Look into pre-purchase counseling through HUD for help on (1) the home-buying process, (2) the key players in the home buying process and (3) debt management. The goal is to create a better informed homebuyer.  http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=%2Fi_want_to%2Ftalk_to_a_housing_counselor




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