Facebook Week in Review: 05/28/11

1 06 2011

May 28

Americans owe more than $2.3 trillion in consumer debt, more than 15 times what they owed in 1970–Federal Reserve Board.

May 26

Is it the season to cut expenses? Maybe you’re outside more often, how about cutting some of the premium cable channels. What ways can you think of cutting expenses during the upcoming summer?

Plan your attack. When will your debt be squashed? See with Army One Source’s Debt Payoff Calculator. Step. It. Up. The fastest way to building wealth is eliminating debt.  http://www.myarmyonesource.com/default.aspx

May 25

Speaking of coupons and food shopping. . . . The USDA posted recipes and costs of each recipe per serving and per person (scroll to bottom of page). With food prices on the rise, families are looking for nutritious food which fits into their family budget.  http://recipefinder.nal.usda.gov/

It’s midweek – what are your plans for saving money the remainder of the week?

May 24

Find Your Tribe – surround yourself with people that share the same financial values as you. Strength in numbers empowers you to continue the path you have chosen – which is to be financially responsible. You will win !

Create your arsenal of savings. Fill out the Personal Financial Statement.  http://www.usaaedfoundation.org/financial/fin_goals_statement.asp

May 23

Financial independence begins with a decision and a simple choice. At some point tell yourself – I want my life to be a certain way. I will be debt free. I will have retirement income. I will have financial security. “The best way to predict your future is to create it”—Peter Drucker

G’morning Savers! How many Savers have rental insurance? Not mandatory, every renter should consider purchasing a policy. Costs can run $15/mo and protects your belongings and provides liability protection. If your auto ins company provides rental insurance, bundle the policy for a savings discount. Have peace of mind with proper insurance. (PS – your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your personal items)




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