Facebook Week in Review: 06/24/2011

29 06 2011

June 24

TGIF. Save like a champion this weekend!

While this documentary was released in 2004, the stories still affect people today. A great watch for the weekend.  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/credit/view/

June 23

Happy Thursday Savers! Has the use of cash become obsolete? All the hype surrounds the capabilities of smart phones working as credit cards and credit cards now don’t have to be swiped but a simple “blink” completes a transaction. It’s becoming increasingly easier and faster using credit – no change or bill counting is involved. Could it be the use of cash is slowly disappearing?

June 22

Were your online accounts hacked into?–Frightening. Maybe you’re deploying soon and want to safeguard your online accounts while overseas. Servicemembers have the option to block online access to their Thrift Savings Plan account. The request can be completed over the phone or online. Reinstating online access must be done in writing.  https://www.tsp.gov/planparticipation/managing/blockingAccess.shtml

We are setting new records here at Military Saves! We are 18,763 strong so far in 2011. Army Savers 6,024 // Air Force Savers 6,866 // Navy Savers 3,226 // Marine Corps Savers 1,990 // National Guard Savers 382 // Coast Guard Savers 275

June 21

Americans’ personal savings rate was 5.8% last year. However, the average personal savings rate was 9.63% in 1981—Bureau of Economic Analysis’ personal savings data. Either we find ways to reduce expenses or find ways to earn extra money (or do both) in an effort to save more.

June 20

What was the best “money” advice you received?

When your FICO score is high your interest rate will be low. When your FICO score is low, your interest rate will be higher.

June 19

Let’s hear it for all the Father’s today. This is their day.




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