Facebook Week in Review: 08/05/2011

8 08 2011

August 5

The condition of my retirement account today, and the rest of
this week, is very painful….who has some words of wisdom?  Everyone is in this together. Just as we go through a deployment together, we are riding the market together, as Military Savers. Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope sounds fitting right now – http://vimeo.com/4491396

Is there going to be any impact on the share price of the G-Fund because of the credit downgrade?  https://www.tsp.gov/invest​mentfunds/shareprice/share​PriceHistory.shtml

“The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act allows service members to suspend certain civil obligations in order to relieve stress on their dependents and themselves while serving on active duty.”–By Lance Cpl. Rubin Tan, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort   http://www.marines.mil/unit/mcasbeaufort/Pages/Relief.aspx

August 4

‎5 great reasons . . . . “You may be eager to buy a home. But taking time to save a large down payment has numerous advantages.”  http://realestate.msn.com/5-reasons-to-save-for-a-big-down-payment

Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard ! Celebrating 221 years of service. Today is their day!  http://coastguard.dodlive.mil/2011/08/celebrating-221-years-of-service/

August 3

What would you do if extra cash (i.e., gift, bonus, etc.) came your way?

August 2

CommissaryShopper offers free valuable manufacturer coupons exclusively for US Military commissary patrons. When their manufacturers have special offers and coupon opportunities, they contact CommissaryShopper for the bi-monthly issue feature. Sign up for the free coupon subscription – overseas patrons can also receive CommissaryShopper by mail when subscribing. APO/FPO addresses are preferred for mailing.  http://www.commissaryshopper.com/

August 1

It’s August 1st and the monthly budget begins from scratch. Every day and every month is a chance to start over. If you didn’t have a successful budget last month (i.e., over spending, forgetting to budget, etc.), this new month brings a fresh start.

Good morning Savers! Military Saves is proud of all our Facebook fans and everyone that has taken the Savers Pledge. You all are performing amazing feats!




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