Facebook Week in Review: 08/12/2011

15 08 2011

August 12

Over 3,900 Savers currently! And our Savers are truly fantastic – you all share encouraging stories while helping others with their questions! We are on the rise!

August 11

Financial Security to me means _____________ [fill in the blank].

Begin with the goal in mind.

August 10

“The average family of K-12 students plans to spend about $600 on back-to-school items, nearly identical to last year.”–NRF. What do you think?  http://blog.nrf.com/2011/07/21/a-quick-look-back-to-school-by-the-numbers/

August 9

Financial Statements measure financial progress and health. And spending plans track where money came and went. Income – Expenses = Surplus or Deficit. Use this printable worksheet to get started.   http://www.saveandinvest.org/microsites/moneymobility/SpendingPlanWorksheet.pdf

August 8

Check out America Saves’ newly redesigned website. Looking great! “Money saved is a future brighter”–America Saves  http://www.americasaves.org/

Let’s start the week with some ‘wedding’ money saving tips. What are your saving ideas? Guests RSVPing via telephone/email = postage savings!

August 7

The Returning Heroes credit would offer a maximum of $2,400 for every short-term and $4,800 for every long-term unemployed veteran hire, officials said.  http://www.defense.gov//News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=64943




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