Pay Less, Decorate More: Practical Tips for Decorating on a Small Budget

25 10 2011
Decorating can cause even the strongest of minds to shutter.  Why?  Often times people are under the presumption decorating is costly.  But rest assured, it is easy and affordable!

So without further ado, here are some quick tips to whip up picture-perfect decor on a military budget.

  • Start with a Budget.  Prior to any purchasing, you should begin with a budget in mind.  Set aside those funds for use in your quest towards decorating on a . . . . can you guess?  Budget!  Don’t have the money readily available right now?  Save up during the next few months by either cutting expenses or saving extra funds.
  • Keep it Simple.  The popular military saying KISS (keep-it-simple-silly) is fitting in a decorating scenario.  Choosing simple furniture, rather than trendy, will help to keep up with the many changing trends.  Neutral colors throughout a home or apartment provide cohesiveness between rooms.  Also, if an item needs to be replaced, it would not be hard to find the matching color tone.  Often times trendy patterns may cost folks more money in the long-run because trends, patterns and colors out-date themselves.  Keeping it simple is more cost efficient.
  • Bring the Outdoors in.  Environmentally friendly apartment decorating can also include adding plants into your personal living space.  Plants provide natural indoor air purification (NASA backs this up!) and add a pop of color to any room!  Plus, they are inexpensive!
  • Floor Plans Count.  Plan out your living space with the use of a floor plan.  Sketch it out (fancy drawing not required!) and decorate your space based on that plan.  This sketched plan ensures items will fit within each room eliminating extra purchases, thereby keeping cash in your wallet!
  • Stick with the Staples.  Simple and low-cost improvements add drama (the good kind!) to a room.  Area rugs cozy-up any room’s atmosphere, wall art can make walls appear taller or wider while candles heighten sense memory adding intimacy to any environment.  When it comes to wall furnishings – frame your child’s school art project or create a one-of-a-kind piece over the weekend, paying for only the price of a frame!
  • Save what you Have.  Time and again military members are faced with frequent moves.  If you are faced with repeated relocations (permanent change of station), save the furniture you have.  A general rule to follow is locate housing that fits your furniture.  Use Apartment Guide to find a similar housing-type in other states.
  • Less is More.  Keep money in your pockets!  Less can be more when it comes to adding your personal taste to an area.  Display your favorite keepsakes, showcase family photos and sell any items that are no longer needed or desired.
  • Garage Sale Finds.  Steals and deals are waiting to be found at garage sales.  Decorating with antiques and vintage pieces  purchased from garage sales help stretch the dollar versus purchasing items at retail.  A little paint and some TLC go a long way in restoring a relic piece of furniture or accessory!
  • Think Outside the Box……or Can.  Items in your home are just waiting to be used.  Think of items that are normally recycled (cans/jars) – rinse well and then repurpose!  Spray paint or adhere craft paper to these items and turn what once was a recyclable into something reusable such as a vase.
  • Meet my Friend “Coupon”.  Coupons will save you money as you plan your decor attack.  Scope out stores and the internet for the best deals available.
  • I Heart Camo Print.  Yes, camouflage can be attractive.  Recycling your spouse’s worn-out military uniforms will do the trick!  Refurbish seat cushions or create custom-made wall art.  Keep in mind the print need not be camouflage – any fabric will do (think old t-shirts, table clothes, bed linens).
  • Shred the Mess.  Clearing out paper clutter is a free(!)ing experience!  It definitely spruces up cluttered areas instantly.  Store documents on the computer or shred those which are no longer needed.  [Note: shredding personal documents also aids in the reduction of identity theft and fraud]
  • Box the Rest.  Conceal your gear in cabinets or decorative storage containers.  Reuse old shoe boxes to store papers or children’s toys.
  • Utilize Hidden Spaces.  A sure way to increase space, spruce up dull areas and declutter a room is by utilizing hidden spaces already provided in your home – such as underneath your bed.

For more decorating tips, visit Moving Today’s website!

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