20 Ways to Thank Veterans this Veteran’s Day 2011

1 11 2011

There are an array of ways we all can thank a Veteran this Veteran’s Day 2011!

  1. Write a Holiday CardThe American Red Cross’ Holiday Mail for Hero Program collects holiday cards this Fall and throughout the holiday season (cards being sent in for 2011 should be postmarked no later than Friday, December 9, 2011) to American service members, veterans and their families in the United States and around the world.

  2. Support a Military FamilyOperation Homefront hosts a variety of morale programs for our service members.  From Thanksgiving baskets, school supply drives, adopt families during the Christmas holiday as well as emergency financial assistance! Donations are accepted online.

  3. Donate ToysToys for Tots collects gifts throughout the year and many military families, and civilians alike, request toys during the holiday if they cannot otherwise afford to purchase them.  Toy drop off locations are listed on their website.

  4. Provide a Thanksgiving Meal.  Are there any single soldiers in your town?  Do you know a military family whose spouse is deployed?  Inviting them over for Thanksgiving dinner or purchasing a dinner for them to have at home will show you care. 

  5. Have a Website?  Dedicate a post or page to our Veterans!

  6. Attend a Parade.  Show support during the Veteran’s Day parade in your area.

  7. Send a Care Package.  Don’t know who to send it to?  You can adopt a service member through Soldier’s Angels.

  8. Donate Coupons (current or expired).  Many coupons go unused every year in the United States.  A great way to thank a Veteran this Veteran’s Day is by adopting a base overseas through Overseas Coupon Program.  OCP asks that volunteers donate unexpired or expired coupons (up to two months after the expiration date) and mail them to your adopted overseas base of choice.  Financial burdens affect everyone – they don’t discriminate.  Coupons can help to save military families money throughout the year!

  9. Donate Calling Cards for those Deployed.  An amazing organization, Cellphones for Soldiers, provides calling cards to service members deployed overseas.  You can help them in two ways:  1-donate money or 2-mail in your old cellphones and/or phone accessories.  The money received from recycling cellphones is used to purchase calling cards for our deployed troops.

  10. Host a Fundraiser.  Collect items for care packages to be sent to our troops deployed overseas. 

  11. Volunteer your Time.  The USO is always looking for volunteers to help out at their events.  Volunteer your time with them to help boost troop morale.

  12. Have a Veteran in your family?  Listen to their stories of when they served.

  13. Pick up the Tab.  Dining and notice a service member at the restaurant?  Buy them a drink or offer to pay for their meal.

  14. Foster a Pet.  There are plenty of service members faced with a deployment and unable to have friends or family care for their pet.  Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets (GASP) and NetPets provide fostering assistance for those service members that will have to leave their pets behind while deployed.  All costs are the owner’s responsibility.

  15. Visit a War Memorial.  Place a flag or flowers at the memorial site.

  16. Thank a Military Family.  Send a thank you card to a military family.

  17. Pray for our Military.  Say a simple prayer at night or ask your church to pray for a soldier or family.

  18. Give our Military a Round of Applause.  After you hear the national anthem, applaud our troops for all the sacrifices they have made to support our beautiful country.   

  19. Purchase Items.  Many companies donate a portion of their proceeds to military organizations and charities.  Jimmy Beam, UnderArmor, Semper Fi Wine, etc. (to name a few) all offer a portion of their proceeds up for this cause.

  20. Hire a Veteran.  Do you own your company?  How about hiring a Veteran or Military Spouse.  There are tax credits available for vet hiring.

“Thank you for your service

to our Country”

No matter which way you choose to thank our Veterans, our Veterans appreciate any acknowledgement.

* * *

For more tips, visit Military Avenue.




2 responses

1 11 2011

I’m with the Red Cross’ social media team…Thanks so much for mentioning the Holiday Mail for Heroes program!! It’s something we’ve been proud to do for our soldiers 🙂

6 10 2013
Rolist Financial Group

Thank you.

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