Going Extreme in Simplifying Your Finances Brings Extreme Results [Forbes]

17 01 2012

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/financialfinesse/2012/01/12/going-extreme-in-simplifying-your-finances-brings-extreme-results/

Financial Experts will agree that organization is key when running your financial household.  When individuals keep neatly organized files they are more likely to save important financial documents.  The result:  documents are easier to locate and proper documents get filed. 

The same holds true when balancing your checkbook.  The lack of proper recording is dangerous – checking accounts can overdraft if totals are not accurate, leaving the customer with fees to pay.

Less may be more in the scheme of financial planning

Consolidate retirement accounts into one brokerage house, holding fewer credit cards and storing important documents in one area of your home are all ways to achieve a financial minimalist lifestyle.




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