What Would You Do? You Found a Lost Credit Card

28 02 2012

What would you do if you found a credit card on the ground?  Would you pick it up or walk right past it?  Maybe you would pick it up and hand it to a store clerk (if found in a store).

Fast forward and you chose to pick up the card and you didn’t have an authoritative figure to hand it over to.  Scared?  No worries – safeguard the card until you have access to a telephone.  Dial the card’s customer service number (located on the reverse side of the card) and inform them you have found a credit card.  The customer service representative will place a note in the account indicating the card was lost and found.  This is a blessing to the person whom lost the card especially if they have not discovered the card is lost!  This will save the cardholder potential money from unauthorized purchases because you had called the card in as lost and found!  You are trustworthy because you chose to make that call.

Now, imagine if that same card got into the wrong hands?  Scared?  Big worries – someone can potentially use the card fraudulently.  It is the cardholder’s responsibility to call in lost credit cards within 48 hours to reduce their liability of owing money on non-authorized purchases.  Normally, the cardholder is responsible and liable for only the first $50 of fraudulent purchases.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies cover your liability for theft of both debit and credit cards as well.

Lastly, protect what’s in your wallet.  Write down the contents of your wallet and safeguard that list – usually in a safe deposit box or safe at home.  This way if your wallet is lost or stolen you reduce the feverish attempts of trying to remember what your wallet housed.

Follow these tips for calling in a lost card and always remember to keep your eyes on your personal property!




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