Organize your Finances with Printable Templates

5 03 2012

What a great website I stumbled upon!  Printable Paper has a huge variety of templates – check registers, lined paper, grade book charts, calendars, budgets (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly), etc.

These templates are perfect for organizing your finances and life!  I believe when your life is organized you can accomplish more tasks.  When your financial files are organized you are more likely to take note of your actual financial situation.  If your files are cluttered or disorganized you tend to put things on the ‘back-burner’ – such as opening credit card statements or filing important paperwork (taxes, paystubs, etc.).

Want to hear another great thing about these printables?  You can teach your children about personal finance using the check register or budget templates!  Teens starting out fresh in the workforce should have a checking account to pay bills and a savings account to deposit and save their income.  The check register is a great resource for helping them figure out how to balance their checkbook and the budget sheet for how to manage their income.

*We were not paid to mention this website.  These are my own personal opinions.*




One response

6 03 2012

Wow, this link was a great help! The right templates helped organize things the way they should be. Thanks!

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