Giving: The Humane Society

28 03 2012

It’s that time again – our Second Annual Collection Drive for Animal Shelters (in memory of Stoli).  This year our collection drive benefits a wonderful animal shelter – The Humane Society!  Backed by 11 million supporters in the U.S. and around the world, The Humane Society of the U.S. is leading the way to a better future for all animals.  They have many chapters throughout the U.S. that conduct animal rescues and advocacy and offer shelter and food for abandoned and neglected animals.  Explore The Humane Society in your state and help change the life of an animal.

The breakdown:

  • $190 cash donations
  • 2 realms of paper
  • 50 cans cat food
  • 8 samples dog food
  • 3 grooming brushes
  • 4 cat toys
  • 6 packages cat treats / 8 packages dog treats
  • 2 dog coats



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