Sit, Stay and Eat Your Free(!) Dog Treats

1 04 2012

There are certain months when people are strapped for cash (and we are no exception).  Sometimes “gifts” and “giving” aren’t in the budget because there is an insurance premium due that month.  This is precisely when free samples can come in handy.

Take these Science Diet dog treats for example.  I know, these aren’t really ‘gift material’ but they can be a sweet gesture for someone who has a furry, four-legged friend.  And here is what they are perfect for:

  • donating to animal shelters
  • giving to a friend in need that has a dog
  • saving for Christmas as a little stocking stuffer for the pooch in your life
  • keeping for your pooch and save money on treats for the month
  • giving to someone who just adopted/purchased a four-legged friend

(Science Diet reps were handing these out on the street.  I was lucky to snag 7 and in our case, we’re saving half for our pooch and donating the remaining)

When giving out as gifts, you can pair these little pouches with a treat jar (I have seen plenty of dollar stores selling plastic paw-printed containers).

Remember, gift giving and donating should not be about the price – it’s truly the thought that counts!

We want to hear from you, drop us a comment.  Do you give free samples out as gifts when gift-giving just isn’t in your budget during the month?




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