Statistics/Quotes: 06/28/2012

28 06 2012

40% of employees admit that stress over money negatively affects their productivity.

Estimate your 2013 Taxes with Fidelity’s Calculator

24 06 2012

Don’t Waste your Money: Ways to Cut your Energy Bill

22 06 2012


Source:  Yahoo News

Statistics/Quotes: 06/20/2012

20 06 2012

Hope deferred makes your heart sick—Joel Osteen

When you choose to live your days with failure on your mind you will fail.  Let’s flip your way of thinking, shall we.  Replace your thoughts with the word “soon”. 

Soon my finances will improve; soon I will find employment; soon our debt will be paid off.

Maintaining a forward-thinking attitude is key to moving forward.

Raising a Child will cost Parents $8,000 More for 2012

19 06 2012

Source:  CNN Money

Why the price surge this year?  Expenses for transportation, child care, education and food increased for middle-income families.*

*In the study, the government defined middle-income families as those with $59,000 to $103,000 in annual income before taxes.

Youth Credit Card Marketing

18 06 2012

Did you know?

The Credit CARD Act of 2009 places strict limitations on marketing and issuing credit cards to young people.  Consumers under the age 21 must show proof of income to repay credit card bills or have an adult co-sign if they want accounts in their own name.  Also, those ‘free tshirts/hats’ offers are banned from college campuses.


Father’s Day Spending 2012

17 06 2012

Father’s Day spending increased this year to $117 per gift—NRF

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