Choose your Financial Goals! Ready. Set. Go.

22 03 2013


Goals make the world go round.  They keep focus alive and hope that brings about change.  With regard to personal finance though – what are some of your goals?  Do you wish for job security?  Maybe having adequate insurance.  For some, a financial goal may include managing food costs.  Whatever dreams and aspirations you have around financial planning will include goals important to your life and situation.  Everyone’s goals will differ and each other and they are not better than someone else’s.  They vary depending on your stage in life – those folks closer towards retirement age may have a retirement or cost of housing goal versus someone graduating from college that wants to set aside money for savings.  Remember, goals are to awake our senses and keep us moving forward in an upward direction for achievement.

So, are you ready?  Track your top four financial goals here.  You’ll have a clearer mind as to what is important in your financial life at this very moment.  Remember, aspirations change so use this tracker throughout the year.

Have goals and move foward my friends.




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