Lisa is the face behind Rolist Financial Group.  She is an Accredited Financial Counselor and Military Family Housing Specialist  with the certified skills to assist individuals and families in the complex process of financial decision-making.  She helps clients identify and modify ineffective money management behavior, guides clients in developing successful strategies for achieving their financial goals, and works with homeowners for foreclosure prevention.

Ms. Lisa maintains the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality while adhering to code of ethics and has counseled thousands to assess their financial needs and situation – providing military and civilian families with the tools necessary to live within their means.  She also acts as a liaison between civilians/military and their creditors.  Lisa also provides her clients with specific state, government and local resources for their specific needs.

As a financial educator, Lisa possesses educator access to FICO Scores and the FICO Score Tool through FINRA, teaches the FDICs Money Smart Adult Education Curriculum and Merrill Lynch’s Investing Pays Off Program.  She designs educational activities for teaching financial literacy in a classroom environment.

In the past, Ms. Lisa was the social media writer for Military Saves, the national campaign to encourage automatic saving within the military community.  She started this project with 2,600 Facebook fans and has grown it to over 3,200 fans in two months.  View her posts here: Facebook Month in Review.  Recently, she finished a Department of Defense project developing FAQ content to help strengthen and build financial management capability within the military community.

Finally, adding to her financial counseling, she is trained in  the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application process.  In the Fall of 2010 she volunteered her time helping high school seniors submit their college FAFSA applications.

Rolist Financial Group Services:

  • Foreclosure Prevention – Provide clients with the tools and information necessary to prevent foreclosure.
  • Budgets and Spending Plans  –  Assist clients with creating a budget and following a spending plan.
  • Debt  –  Help clients allocate funds to pay down debt, one card at a time, following their specific spending system.
  • Smart Shopping  –  Teach clients how to use the internet as a tool to comparison shop and find the best deals available.
  • We will be your Biggest Fans  –  Rolist Financial Group will be by Your side every step of the way through each financial endeavor.

If you are ready to Grow your Savings and Fix what’s Broke, visit our Need Help? page for contact information.  Pricing: $30-$50 per visit/consult.

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