The ‘Money Talk’ Quiz

29 09 2016

Often I am approached by parents regarding the matter of parental involvement: involving their children in their personal financial matters.  This 5-question quiz provides a quick glance to see how prepared parents are to talk with their children regarding their personal financial matters.

When finished, parents can be better equipped to make the decisions that will help them achieve a brighter financial future. See the following resources:

DINK no more: Tips for transitioning from a ‘dual income, no kids household’ to ‘one income with kids’

9 07 2015

DINK no more Tips for transitioning from a dual income, no kids household’ to ‘one income with kids

Featured in AFCPEs The Standard July 2015

How America is Saving for College 2013

6 10 2013

Source: College Answer

Sallie Mae’s “How America Saves for College 2013” study, conducted by Ipsos, finds that despite rising college costs, fewer American families with children under age 18 save for college (50%) than did just two years ago (60%). Based on a nationally representative survey of parents of children under age 18, the study found that:

  • While nearly all parents believe college is an investment in their child’s future, only one-third have a plan to pay for college.
  • When asked to describe their feelings about saving for college, parents’ top answers were overwhelmed, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or that they don’t like thinking about it at all.
  • Among those not saving, 47 percent cite a barrier other than money. Top reasons included thinking that children would be awarded enough financial aid to cover the cost of college, children are too young or too old, uncertainty about which savings option to use, procrastination and feeling it is the child’s responsibility to save and pay for college.
  • Starting to save is most frequently prompted by major milestones such as a child’s birth (34%), starting school (24%), or learning about college costs from friends and family (20%).
  • Slightly more than one quarter (27%) of parents who are saving for college use a 529 college savings plan. However, more parents save for college using general funds or CDs (42%) and may miss out on tax incentives offered by a 529 account.


A Piggy Bank that Teaches to Save, Spend, Give and Invest

27 01 2013

Meet the Piggy Bank for the 21st Century –

ImageI came across this bank and believe it to be the best on the market.  It provides children and adults with a simple way to save, spend, donate and invest.  I especially enjoy the translucent appearance of the bank, which helps the saver to track their progress of their piggy bank deposits and withdrawals.  Everyone knows Rolist Financial Group are firm believers of “see it, to achieve it“.  This bank provides that motivation to continue with the saving because of the translucent appearance.  People have control over their accounts and this piggy bank provides just that.

SourceMoney Savvy Generation –

*We were not compensated in any way for our review

Money as you Grow

22 09 2012

20 things kids need to know to live financially smart lives.

Education Loan Forms (forbearance etc)

7 09 2012

A great resource for Student Loan Forms found here.

Financial Literacy in College

7 09 2012

College students want financial literacy to be relatable.  Let’s make it fun for them to understand.


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