The ‘Money Talk’ Quiz

29 09 2016

Often I am approached by parents regarding the matter of parental involvement: involving their children in their personal financial matters.  This 5-question quiz provides a quick glance to see how prepared parents are to talk with their children regarding their personal financial matters.

When finished, parents can be better equipped to make the decisions that will help them achieve a brighter financial future. See the following resources:

Play Refund Rush: How will you Spend your Tax Refund?

5 04 2012

Test your Financial Know-How

28 07 2011

Our world is surrounded by credit cards, IRAs, networth and liquid cash.  Test your knowledge of financial literacy!

Play Spent

15 03 2011

I came across an interesting internet game.  The theme and ideas behind the game are all too real.  Many people are struggling managing their money – whether that be from a job loss, lack of health insurance or identity theft. 

I suggest playing this game to get an idea of what it would be like to live paycheck to paycheck.  It may put things in perspective if you feel you are straying away from sticking to a budget or feel you are spending money just to spend it.

Play Spent

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