How Tax Rates are set to Change in 2013

7 07 2012


Estimate your 2013 Taxes with Fidelity’s Calculator

24 06 2012

Sales Tax Holidays Released for June 2012

13 06 2012

See what State is participating in the this year’s Sales Tax Holiday!

Statistics/Quotes: 04/12/2012

12 04 2012

Deaths from traffic accidents around April 15 (traditionally the last day to file income taxes in the US) rose 6% on average on each of the last 30yrs of tax filing days. The findings suggest stress, lack of sleep and less tolerance on tax deadline day may contribute to an increase in deaths on the road.—Bloomberg

Play Refund Rush: How will you Spend your Tax Refund?

5 04 2012

Tax Time Savings Bonds

22 03 2012

If you haven’t filed your taxes – hurry!  The deadline is April 17, 2012. 

And, if you’re a saver, heck even if you aren’t a saver . . . . . watch this video.  Tax time savings bonds help you to save.  Ask your tax preparer about Tax Time Savings Bonds!

“For as little as $50 today, you can start giving your loved ones the future of their dreams, while they are still dreaming. Tax Time Savings Bonds grow with your loved ones. When they are ready, so is their money. Just select the amount you want to save from your refund and you’ll receive your bond in the mail.”

Tax Strategies for your Military Transition [USAA]

21 01 2012

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